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Bruce Edwin

It's time for me to escape the four walls of my music room and share my love of music with the outside world one chord, one verse, one chorus, one melody at a time. 

I became an artist because there's always a melody buzzing around in my head. Once I learned to play guitar, I began experimenting with writing songs. My contemporary folk style comes from influences of the Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, and Dan Fogelberg.


My first recordings took place at the bottom of my friend’s staircase with his four-channel tape deck. Four albums later, I continue to enjoy making music that reflect the special places, people, and progressions in my life. 

I enjoy entertaining people of all ages with my acoustic guitar. Whether it's sharing my original tunes or putting my own spin on a cover song, I have fun using different strumming and picking techniques to bring them to life. 

I've performed for a number of different venues and occasions: weddings, nursing homes, schools, bars & restaurants, and coffee houses. I not only make sure my song selections are ones that I have fun performing but also fit the audience. A favorite part of my music is performing for different audiences, and I look forward to continuing writing and sharing my passion with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Outside of my time playing and writing music, I am a retired teacher who now serves as a full-time 'pop' to my three grandsons who are in weekly debate if the Beatles, AC/DC, P!nk, or Metallica are the best artists ever. I enjoy spending time on the lake and the golf course with my wife, Lisa, and my two children, Andrea and Erik, and our black lab, Sydney. 

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